I probably had one of the best weeks in Penang, made SO many friends, spent like every waking (and sleeping in fact) moment with Erica, worked in a bar (something I have wanted to do for ages), ate relatively healthy, exercised everyday, explored lots of Penang on scooters and ate some simply amazing food. Ben suggesting I stay at Tipsy Tiger was one of the best things. Didn’t get jiggy with any men, because Erica is such a good influence on me, just made so many friends, that I am sure I will keep bumping into until I fly to Oz (and meet up with later in life!). Not looking forward to this bus because I know it is going to be freezing cold and I am sure they will keep stopping every couple of hours, meaning I always wake up! So many mosquitos on the island I have just come from so didn’t have one night where I slept all the way through.


Did my advanced diving course, thanks to Erica’s suggestion and I absolutely loved it. Just need to send off the form then I will get another card through the post. Meaning I can do even more dives and I am properly qualified to dive to a deeper depth. Also it really built on my skills, reminded me of all the information and we did a wreck dive (don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fish in one place in my life!) and a night dive, which was so exciting, I really felt like James Bond. So, on the first day we did a technical (buoyancy) dive and a deep dive. Then the second day we did a technical (co-ordination) dive, a wreck dive and a night dive! Busy day!


I actually feel a little sick. I hope it isn’t sun stroke and will last for ages! It would be all my fault, which makes it even more annoying, even burned my lips! Poor Amey.